About us

Best phone calls in 2023!  In March 2023, I received a phone call from a friend who knew of my love of quilting, a great sale in Moore at KeepSake Fabrics and Quilts! I called  my aunt Linda who also enjoys quilting, we love to quilt so we are always on the look out for fabric bargains like any avid quilter! We loved the shop. As we were looking at all the bargains we overheard the customers discussing how sad they were that the shop was closing. Our ears perked up! We looked at each other and  with a glint in our eyes we decided to ask more questions...Linda decided immediately we wanted this shop! Without hesitation she grabbed on to her dream of owning a Fabric Shop! As a military retiree, she made a decision that brought us both to achieve something we only dreamed about! She asked me, “Want in?” I replied “Absolutely!” And here we are!  FAMILY PARTNERS IN QUILTING!


We are family and want to share the same joy we find in piecing quilts with love for family, friends and our community.


A Great Place to Check out Unique Styles & Fabrics!



Linda Wyatt & Ciria Knighton